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Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives

No. of Villas
62 Villas
15 Min

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives

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Escape the frenetic pace and chaos of everyday life, in to luxury's very own lap at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives. Away from the sparkling lights of Male, this hotel is spread across the Emboodhu Finolhu island in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in Maldives.

Renowned for its rich flora and fauna, this tropical isle, also known as the Three Coconut Isle, is situated amidst the coral reefs. A 15-minute speedboat ride from the airport brings you to the idyllic resort surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Set delicately over the lagoon, this postcard-perfect getaway offers 64 sea-view villas and suites that are luxurious and lavish; yet maintain a fine balance with nature. Our world-famous, award-winning presidential suite is, arguably, the most beautiful place on earth.

At Taj Exotica Maldives, you are on Taj Time, where doing nothing is an art form. Time stands still-and yet there is never a dull moment. Within this oasis of calm set in paradise, lounge by the infinity pool or at your private beach, laze in a hammock over the blue waters and just lay below the stars at night. Go on a wildlife-spotting walk. Pure bliss.

Savour the best from the culinary world with carefully selected ingredients sourced both locally and globally to please your palate. Enjoy the freshest of seafood at Deep End or choose from the extensive carefully crafted menu at 24 Degrees, where you experience a performance of art assembled on your plate at the theatrical Teppanyaki kitchen. Sip leisurely on your cocktails at the Equator Bar as you take in the awe-inspiring views of fiery Indian Ocean sunsets. Needless to say, each of our restaurants offers a spectacular and unbelievably romantic ocean experience.

Enjoy sumptuous in-room and private dining experiences. And be pampered by our world-renowned butlers, who would be happy to arrange a whole range of water sports including snorkelling and scuba diving. Come, create a lifetime of memories every moment in this haven of tranquillity.

Map & Location

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Taj Exotica Resorts & Spa is located in Emboodhu Finolhu, South Male'Atoll.

Villas / Accommodation

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With 64 impeccably designed villas and suites, Taj Exotica Maldives is luxury redefined. Step in to your own private haven steeped in opulence at one of these spectacular tropical villas. Experience paradise on earth.

Lagoon Villa Ocean View

The adjacent Lagoon Villas are on the island located just a few steps away from the lagoon. These villas feature rainshowers and bathtubs that have sweeping views of the ocean, and are just perfect fo...

1 Bed Room
double vanity bathroom, rain showers and bathtubs
panoramic views of the Indian Ocean
71.00 sq.ft

Deluxe Lagoon Villa with Pool

Built on stilts in the lagoon, these villas provide infinity views of the horizon. Climb down the steps from your private deck into the turquoise waters or choose to watch the vast expanse of the mesm...

1 Bed Room
Private Pool
Ocean View
94.00 sq.ft

Premium Villa with Pool

With an exclusive private outdoor area, these 3 newly designed Premium Villas come with a master bed and bath combination, extravagant round bathtub, a manmade private beach area, oversized plunge poo...

1 Bed Room
plunge pool
Ocean View
200.00 sq.ft

Deluxe Beach Villa with Pool

Set on the fine white beach sand, these magnificent villas are mere steps away from the lagoon. Soak in the pleasures of a tropical outdoor shower experience in your private walled garden to complete ...

plunge pool
Ocean View
165.00 sq.ft

One Bedroom Ocean Suite with Pool

The One-bedroom Ocean Suite is tastefully designed with a bedroom attached to a glass walled bathroom overlooking the lagoon. Relax in your private pool surrounded by a suspended sundeck with powder-s...

1 Bed Room
private pool
Ocean View
195.00 sq.ft

One Bedroom Beach Villa Suite with Pool

Just five meters from the lagoon, each villa has a spacious living room, private courtyard, sunset balcony to soak in the views and tropical outdoor showers in a walled garden. Choose between cooling ...

King bed
private pool
Ocean View
270.00 sq.ft

Two Bedroom Beach Villa Suite with Pool

Enjoy the dazzling view from the sunset balcony on the first floor of the Two-bedroom Beach Villa Suite with Spa and Pool. The first floor has a massive bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Get yo...

2 Bedroom
Private Pool
Ocean View
365.00 sq.ft

Wine & Dine

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Choose from our wines, traditional vintages, cocktails, cigars and shishas, all on the spectacular sunset view patio. At the Equator Bar, watch the sun go down as you lounge in the sunset patio for an evening soaked in music, merry-making and laughter. Unwind at this stylish contemporary bar and choose from the selection of traditional vintages, new world wines, cocktails, cigars and shishas.


Drink in the romance and delicious cocktails and brews at this bar adjacent to the resort's infinity pool.The poolside makes for a beautiful, romantic and lazy lounge area on warm days and nights. The Poolside Bar and Grill gives you the luxury of sipping on a refreshing frozen cocktail and nibbling on some light snacks while you cool off with a dip in the infinity pool.


Soak in the spellbinding ambiance of our restaurant, Deep End. Perched atop waters with partial al-fresco seating, candlelit tables, sound of the waves and the gentle breeze setting the scene for a perfectly romantic evening accompanied with an unparalleled Mediterranean dining experience.

Experience a mélange of enticing flavors from the countries touched by Mediterranean basin with the finest ingredients put together by our culinary experts in Mediterranean grills. The scrumptious menu comprises of traditional vegetarian and non- vegetarian Arabic mezze, Moroccan Tajines and a trail of kebabs. Complete your meal on a sweet note with our signature dessert, Opera that will transcend your dining experience.


Indulge your taste buds with a wide assortment of delicacies ranging from Pan-Asian cuisine to international favourites. With endless views of the turquoise lagoon, 24 Degrees offers a culinary journey that traverses the Far East all the way to the Western Front. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast under the shade of the dhigga trees or even a romantic dinner under the beautiful night sky, or Japanese live kitchen Teppanyaki dinner at this all-day-dining restaurant.


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Scuba Diving

Taj Exotica Maldives is located on one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives, famed for its white sand beaches and exquisite corals. The clear seas are ideal to get your adrenaline rush with scuba diving, snorkelling and parasailing. Scuba dive alongside a variety of marine life.


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Get ready to feel the weight of the world leave your shoulders with an indulgent experience at Taj Jiva. Our select range of exquisite services include beauty and wellness treatments that befit royals. As always, we combine the best ingredients to offer you everything from glowing skin to a rejuvenated mind and body. Whatever you choose to indulge in, the experience will leave you deeply refreshed and renewed all over.

Dev Nidra: Experience a relaxing bath with salts and oils along with an aromatherapy massage to slip into a complete state of tranquility.

Pranam: The treatment consists of Yoga, a ventoz session for sore muscles and Ayurveda Mukhlepa which leave you feeling vibrant and revived.

Soma: A couples only therapy wherein you and your partner get to experience a romantic candlelit aromatherapy massage and a rose petal bath.

Soundarya: A therapeutic experience involving a nourishing scrub, wrap, aromatherapy massage and a facial that'll bring back the natural glow in your skin.

Sukha: Indulge in a deep nourishing scrub and a wrap of your choice followed by a Pehlwan Malish, the powerful Indian oil massage.

SVASHAKTI: The journey comprises of an hour long Champi (the traditional Indian head massage), Pavithri treatment to detox and a Yoga session of your choice to relax and connect with your spiritual self.


The picture perfect destination rich in blue ocean waves and pristine sands is the perfect place for you to rediscover yourself. Part of the reason is the calm and stillness that the serene atmosphere provides, making it the perfect ground for spiritual growth. Combine this with the signature treatments at the Jiva spa and you have a holiday that'll linger in your mind long after you've left.

ALEPA: Feel like royalty with Jiva Spa's signature spa Alepa that involves the anointing the body as a part of traditional Indian sacred bathing rituals.

CHANDANA: A special treatment using the prized possession of the tropical sphere, pure Sandalwood and Aloe Vera. The long celebrated ingredients bring nourishing and cooling effects to the skin.

SAMATTVA: This is a signature yoga treatment that's aimed at releasing tensions and balancing your energy, all through a personalized session with a yoga expert.

SUSHUPTI: Striking combination of thorough exfoliation and massage techniques, Sushupti literally rinses away you stress as you drift off into pure bliss.

VISHRAMA: Sink into a deep state of relaxation as the skilled hands of our therapists use gentle strokes, steaming poultice and a mixture of Indian herbs & oils to revitalize your body.

VISHUDDI: A surreal spa treatment that combines ancient healing concoctions and Vedic chants to to cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul.


An ancient practice that's proven to relieve stress and give you a sound mind and body, yoga represents the universal need to evolve and transcend all limitations. Here, at Jiva Spa, we offer yoga under the guidance of the Bihar School of Yoga, a holistic form of Yoga achieved through an amalgamation of physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our lives. Set against the backdrop of the tranquil Taj architecture and landscape, the experience is truly transcendental.

ADVANCED: In the advanced sessions, classic Asanas such as pranayama, mudra and bandha are practiced which help in achieving mental wellness.

ADVANCED SURYA NAMASKAR: Achieve a sense of calmness unlike other with the ancient yoga sequence of sun salutation which is a tribute to the sun, an emblem of spiritual consciousness.

BALANCED: This Yoga journey helps you extract the benefits of traditional processes that can aid the wellness of your body and mind.

DYNAMIC: The 'Dynamic' sessions consist largely of asanas and energetic movements of the body to increase flexibility.

GENTLE: This session includes asanas of intermediate level which help in loosening and rotating the chief joints of the body.

PRANAYAMA: A Yoga technique to control our breathing and as a result, increase the flow of energy within ourselves.

AJAPA JAPA : You're made aware of your passage of breath and required to spontaneously repeat a mantra. The process is known to be supremely calming and therapeutic for many.

ANTAR MOUNA: Here, you're a silent witness of the things that traverse your mind from thoughts to images to reactions. An amazing way to focus and find calmness in silence.

HIRDAYAKASHA DHARANA: This practice makes you more aware of emotions and helps you express and communicate them. Combined with Trataka (candle flame gazing), this technique is known to relieve mental tension, anxiety and in some cases even depression.

YOGA NIDRA: A form of Yogic, relaxation, Yoga Nidra entails a state of consciousness where one oscillates between sleep and being awake.

YOGA NIDRA ADVANCED: Designed to emanate positivity, this Vedic retreat of advanced Yoga Nidra offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

JALA NETI: This is a traditional Yoga technique that uses saline water to cleanse and purify the nasal passages.
KUNJAL KRIYA: The act of cleansing the chest, stomach and digestive system with the help of saline water to cure problems like acidity and asthma.

LAGHOO SHANKHAPRAKSHALANA: Conducted early morning, this treatment helps in cleansing the intestines through intake of saline water and a sequence of asanas alternatively.

ABHILAYA: Transport yourself to new heights of relaxation with this ideal yoga session designed to diminish the effects of jet lag.


Jiva's celebrated treatments and therapies are primarily derived from Ayurveda, the ancient body of knowledge of holistic wellness. Through our signature experiences, we fulfill the 4 key aspects that are key to the success of any Ayurveda treatment: the Vaidya (The physician), the therapist, the medicine and the guest. At Jiva Spa, we take great care to keep these values intact and ensure that you get the best of our heritage.

ABHYANGA INCLUDING SNANA: More than just a massage, Abhyanga is an experience where medicated herbal oils are generously applied in gentle strokes by the skilled therapists, giving you a healthy body and mind.

KATI BASTI: The therapeutic treatment formulated for the upper and lower back uses warm signature oil in black gram dough which is placed at the spot that's causing pain or discomfort.

MUKHALEPA: The Ayurveda facial is created using natural herbs applied to the face followed by a massage with exotic saffron oil which enriches the skin and removes blemishes.

PICHU: Known to relieve stress and stiffness of joints or back, Pichu involves cotton and linen pads soaked in hot medicated oils placed on sore areas for immediate relief from pain.

UDVARTANA: Udvartana is a body toning treatment which involves applying a mixture of herbal powder and oil on the body. This also helps in revitalizing the skin.

CONSULTATION: Spend a few minutes understanding what your body needs with the help of our experts.


Exfoliate, indulge and renew with an exclusive range of concoctions that are prepared using the freshest ingredients. We combine Indian herbs, sea salts and pure essential oils whose essential benefits and goodness are still intact and will help in nourishing your body. The therapeutic properties of these scrubs and wraps will cleanse and moisturize your skin, leaving it with priceless glow.

AKSHA: Specialized scrub and wrap using herbs with exfoliating and cleansing properties, keep your skin more youthful-looking.

POSHA:Formulated with essentials herbs, this signature scrub nourishes the skin to make it soft and supple. The healthy spa skin polish.

VISHUDDI: Achieve a state of purification, optimal skin, with a refreshing scrub that cleanses your body and leaves your body with an aromatic scent.


With a rich heritage, India is recognized globally as a land of spiritual wellness. The goodness of time-tested therapies remains unchallenged even in the modern world and continue to be practiced in certain parts of India. We bring you the wonders of these Indian therapies through treatments, specially curated for you by Jiva spa.

CHAMPI:Around for centuries, this popular Indian head massage is a lavish treatment promotes hair growth and restores natural glossiness.

PEHLWAN MALISH: Experience the traditional dynamic massage which, for centuries, has been a favourite with Indian wrestlers.

VENTOZ: The ancient Indian treatment of using heat in a glass to create vacuum and relieve knots and sore muscles.

PADA MARDANA: A traditional Indian foot massage, Pada Mardana is a transcendent massage therapy for your tired soles.

INDIAN AROMATHERAPY: A true treat for the senses. Indian Aroma therapies as the name suggests takes you on a sensorial journey using signature essential oils.

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