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Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa

No. of Villas
90 Villas
40 Min
150 km

Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa

Set on an enchanting private island in the pristine Lhaviyani Atoll in the Maldives, Hurawalhi Island Resort is much like your relationship: it is a perfect match of serenity and excitement, comfort and adventure; it stirs up your every atom with an intricate blend of intimacy and thrill.

It is at Hurawalhi that you can fill your days with an unsparing amount of extraordinaires, your mind with wonder, and your heart with romance. The 90-villa, adults-only luxury resort is as brilliant as the ocean that laps against its beaches and more magnificent than any island you have visited. You can swoon over photos of the Maldives, but nothing will prepare you for the beautiful blend of barefoot bliss and contemporary design found at Hurawalhi.

Map & Location

Striking natural beauty and exquisite design unite at Hurawalhi Maldives, the adults-only resort that is tucked away in the north of the pristine Lhaviyani Atoll. This slice of tropical paradise can be reached during daylight hours by a scenic, 40-minute seaplane flight from Male" International Airport (MLE).

The resort is located on a private coral island, approximately 400m x 165m in size, and is enveloped by the Indian Ocean; the year-round warmth of the water amidst which Hurawalhi is set is on par with the shades and variations of the blues that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Hurawalhi welcomes guests above the age of 15.

Hurawalhi"s stunning, whiter-than-white coral sand beaches are as pleasant to sight as they are to the feet.

Hurawalhi Maldives in one of the 1,192 islands that comprise the Maldives" archipelago. The chain of islands that stretches across the Equator receives generous amounts of sun and can be visited at any time of the year.

Villas / Accommodation

It is at Hurawalhi that you can fill your days with an unsparing amount of extraordinaires,The 90-villa, adults-only luxury resort is as brilliant as the ocean that laps against its beaches and hardly as magnificent as any island you have visited. You can swoon over photos of the Maldives, but nothing will prepare you for the beautiful blend of barefoot bliss and contemporary design found at Hurawalhi.Villas at Hurawalhi spoil with lavish comfort, exclusivity and mesmerizing views.

With the choice of beachside and over-water luxury, you can revel in your preferred perspective and setting, and find pleasure in having paradise at your fingertips - and the ocean on your doorstep.

Ocean Pool Villas

Sleek and elegant villas, suspended over the glistering Indian Ocean, these are the epitome of Maldives' luxury. Slip into the lagoon from the sundeck and admire the majestic beauty of Hurawalhi's surroundings from the privacy of your villa or from your very own infinity pool.

Romantic Ocean Villa

Gaze at the striking colours that reveal themselves before your eyes as day slips into night and tranquility sets the scene for romantic evenings under the starlit sky. Welcoming a new day with a swim in the lagoon will set the course for yet another blissful day in this heavenly retreat.

1 Bed Room

Ocean Villas

Affording direct access to the magnificent lagoon, Hurawalhi's Ocean Villas are a perfect mix of comfort, elegance and luxury, and ideal for those seeking a romantic hideaway in an idyllic setting. A truly charming retreat for a one-of-a-kind Maldives' experience.

Beach Sunset Pool Villas

Exquisite tropical sanctuaries with private infinity pools are the ultimate choice for those who wish to be steps away from the pearly beach and have the inviting lagoon and Hurawalhi's main facilities on their doorstep.

Beach Pool Villa

Enjoy beachside bliss to the fullest - Beach Villas possess a pristine, unpretentious charm and spoil you with an enviable location on Hurawalhi's alluring beach. They are a favourite to couples whose ideal holiday equals beachside luxury.

Wine & Dine



Send your senses soaring 5.8 meters below Hurawalhi Maldives, at the world"s largest all-glass undersea restaurant.The search for the elusive gastronomical heaven appears to be over: the spectacular 5.8 dazzles and delights diners with a multi-course tasting extravaganza, garnished with a state-of-the-art location. 5.8 is as much a fine dining culinary delight as it is an extraordinary design masterpiece "“ paired, you can sate your appetite and dive into the pleasure of having a view that but a few restaurants in the world afford.



A contemporary, over-the-water eatery, topping off quality with flair.The voguish Aquarium Restaurant hits the spot with a picture-perfect setting and a divine dining and wining menu in equal measure. Epicurean and scenic, the à la carte Aquarium Restaurant & Bar is aptly named after the adjacent coral reef. Aquarium Restaurant has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, offering the finest quality of prime beef and a contemporary menu, thoughtfully sourced, organic and artisanal, with an emphasis on the freshest of local seafood.

Eclectic cocktails come with a dash of attentive, 5-star service, with the seemingly limitless selection of wines in cellar proving a case in point that Hurawalhi offers everything and anything that tickles your fancy.



Main, buffet-style restaurant boasts an array of the finest cuisine.The tantalising aromas. The sizzling of the food. The atmosphere. Canneli will impress you with all of these, and spice things up with themed evening, allowing you to sample various international cuisine during your stay. The restaurant is a melting pot of flavours and people, creating a contemporary and relaxed dining experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all culinary occasions where one can take delight in mouth-watering creations prepared with only the finest of ingredients.

Canneli, which stands for "˜yellowfin tuna" in Dhivehi, has both indoor and outdoor seating options, the latter being especially charming at breakfast when occasional dolphins may pass by in the distance.



Soak up the serene beauty of Hurawalhi.This romantic, ocean-side hideaway is perfect for intimate pre-dinner rendezvous, made complete by sipping on a glass of champagne and savouring the luscious canapés and petit fours. Adding allure are captivating views of Dream Island "“ Hurawalhi"s private sandbank that pierces the ocean"s blue and creates a beautiful, if not a surreal sight.



While away your days in paradise. All day, all night pool and beachside leisure.From live entertainment to an extensive menu of wines, cocktails, shishas and snacks, this is the realization of perfection. Add to the mix an infinity pool, and beach just steps away, and it becomes clear why you are bound to return to Coco every day.




Discover Scuba Diving

Don"t leave Hurawalhi without seeing for yourself the colourful fish can be seen even at shallow depth. Take the plunge and join the Discover Scuba Diving programme for a little teaser session of scuba diving. It is perfect for those who want to get a taste of the diving experience, but don"t want to do a full course just yet.

Diving Excursions

Lhaviyani Atoll boasts over 50 dive sites, with new ones being discovered on a regular basis. For beginners and for those who have hundreds of dives under their belts, dive sites around Hurawalhi are a treat. Diving boats leave throughout the day, helping to ensure that you can make the most of your time at the resort. The dive center runs single dive trips (morning and afternoon), and regularly organises two tank and full day trips so as to showcase the very best the diving in the Maldives has in store.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Hurawalhi is an ideal place to advance your diving, allowing you to expand your scuba skills through different specialties, such as deep diving, navigation, photography, scooter diving, wreck diving and many more. The PADI Advanced Course is all about exploration, excitement and new experiences!

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Learning to dive in the warm, clear waters of the Maldives with fish swimming around is as close to ideal learning conditions as it gets. Upon completing the PADI Open Water Diver course you will be certified to dive anywhere in the world; the shorter PADI Scuba Diver Course, which can be upgraded at a later time, is available as well.

Scuba Diving

Coral reefs of the Maldives, deemed the best year-round diving destination in the Indian Ocean, are proof that the country"s striking beauty extends to the underwater. Scuba diving around Hurawalhi is a sheer delight; marine life is abundant and varied, with manta rays, reef sharks and sea turtles regularly paying visits to dives sites literally on Hurawalhi"s doorstep.

House Reef Diving

The reef on which Hurawalhi sits is home to a staggering plethora of fish, big and small. Schooling bluestripe snappers and bannerfish mingle with fusiliers, and oriental sweetlips and butterflyfish munch on the coral, completely indifferent to the divers. A variety of miniature creepy crawlers can be found by the eagle-eyed divers. The house reef is easily accessible, with tank service provided to the entry points for your utmost convenience and for you and your buddy to dive at your favourite time of the day.

Rebreather Diving

Get introducted to the world of rebreather diving at Hurawalhi and experience the sensation of bubble-free diving. In addition to almost infinite bottom times, rebreathers allow us to get much closer to creatures that are usually spooked by the bubbles, such as mantas and sharks. Tanks and Sofnolime can be arranged for divers bringing their own units.

Scooter Diving

Underwater scooters are available at Hurawalhi for you to be able to reach the places where the big fish action is without the hassle of swimming against the current. You will buzz effortlessly past reef sharks, see squadrons of eagle rays "“ and feel like a superhero seeing the best the Lhaviyani has to offer with little effort and lots of fun.



Coral reefs around Hurawalhi are a part of one of the most spectacular underwater environments on the planet. Fish species come in thousands and coral in hundreds, and a lot of it can be admired by snorkelling. Several reefs around Hurawalhi, including the resort"s house reef, offer ample opportunity for seeing sea turtles and bustling schools of fish. To make your snorkelling adventure five star, join the seasonal manta mania "“ the joy of swimming alongside these gracious, gigantic fish is hard to beat!

Snorkeling - Full Day Trip

Dedicate a full day to exploring the beauty of the Lhaviyani Atoll"s reefs. Venture out farther from Hurawalhi to see even more of the pristine landscape and seascape that make the area visit worthy, and take a look at what lies below the calm ocean. You will be wowed by all the marine life you come across; keep your fingers crossed for a rich plankton soup that manta rays might be drawn to!

Snorkeling - Half Day Trips

Spend a morning or an afternoon seeing first hand what everyone is talking about: coral reefs around Hurawalhi make all other resorts jealous! Snorkel sites nearby the resort include sunken coral islands that are home to anemones with clown fish, hawksbill turtles, and to everything from small damsel fish on the reef to large tuna passing by in the blue water. Insider"s tip: visit Kuredu Caves for unique encounters with sea turtles, napoleons and possible eagle rays gliding past.

Water Sports

Water Sports

Listen to the pulse of the ocean and immerse yourself in all the pleasures Hurawalhi"s surroundings make available. The resort is ringed by boundless stretches of water that provide an excellent playground for guest looking to do more than sunbathe. For those after a tranquil enjoyment and for adrenaline junkies alike, Ocean Watersport has just the right leisure activity for you.

At Hurawalhi, you can try your hand at an extensive array of awe-inclusive watersports; whether you are paddling across the lagoon, getting your adrenaline pumping during fun-tube and sofa rides, or catching the winds in your sails, we want you to make the most of the Maldives" spectacular seasphere.

Have all the fun from the sea by joining Ocean Watersport for the most popular leisure-recreation thrills at Hurawalhi.


A breathtaking adventure awaits as you get to admire the most scenic, tranquil views of Hurawalhi and the mesmerizing landscape surrounding it. Soar high above the sparkling waters and soak in the panoramic views of the magic that the Maldives is a synonym for.

Jet Ski

Enjoy a jet skiing tour of the waters surrounding Hurawalhi in a cool and refreshing way! A jet ski excursion is a great way to live summer life to the fullest and to soak in the beautiful seascapes of the island.


Duniye Spa

Duniye Spa

Are you longing for deep relaxation and peace? Awaken body and soul at Hurawalhi"s oasis of relaxation, beauty and well-being. Visit Duniye Spa once and you will set the course of your day with heart-centered treatments; seek pampering and inspiration regularly and enter the path of joyful, healthy living to last a lifetime.

Duniye Spa Group is a winner of several international awards and recognitions, which is a testament to the quality of the enchanting spa and well-being rituals guests are spoilt with. Duniye Spa"s therapists share their passion, knowledge and professional dedication with guests. Each and every spa experience and retreat is a reflection of Duniye Spa"s acclaimed service quality and competence.

Duniye Spa at Hurawalhi Maldives is where sensual indulgence and well-being meet mindfulness and care; where ancient beauty and healing traditions meet contemporary, result-driven skin care; where you can find balance between the inner and the outer self. Mindful connection and healing touch with carefully selected premium natural products are the foundation for all spa experiences.

Far away from any sources of stress, your body and mind will be brought back into balance at Hurawalhi. Not only that "“ as a trendsetting spa in the Maldives, Duniye Spa masters eco-conscious practices.

Treatments are delivered through the caring hands of holistic spa therapists using authentically organic, certified non-toxic and cruelty-free skin care and beauty products. Eco-consciousness and sustainability are a part of the equation when it comes to helping you keep healthy and beautiful.

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