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A Look Inside Joali Being: The New Holistic Wellness Retreat in the Maldives

A Look Inside Joali Being: The New Holistic Wellness Retreat in the Maldives

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Modern life can be stressful and exhausting, leading to long-term feelings of depression and poor physical health. Sadly, more than 25% of US adults currently experience some form of mental disorder, potentially resulting from lifes everyday stressors.

Fortunately, theres a new wellness resort in Maldives that may help you refresh your mind, body, and spirit: Joali Being.

This guide will explore what you can expect during your stay at Joali Being Maldives. So, read on to discover whether this wellness resort might be right for you.

Visiting the Joali Being Resort

Before we delve into the details of Joali Beings luxurious accommodations, plentiful dining options, and unique wellness treatments, its crucial to note that no two experiences here are alike. Thats because each guests schedule is designed to meet their specific nutritional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Upon your arrival at Joali Being Maldives, youll receive a comprehensive health assessment. After this assessment, Joali Beings expert advisors will recommend programs and treatments that suit your desires and expectations.

Lodging Options

Joali Being offers more than 60 unique living spaces for guests, each one outfitted with desirable amenities like private personal swimming pools, mini-bars, and musical instruments. Each area is designed to immerse visitors in an all-encompassing sense of wellbeing.

Butler services, Wi-Fi connectivity, and outdoor rain showers are also included with each villa. As such, guests have the space and means to focus on their interpersonal needs and desires.

Because Joali Being is an adults-only resort (age 14 and older), youll never need to block out the sounds of crying babies or screaming toddlers. The peace that each villa offers is truly unmatched.

Accommodations vary from cozy one-bedroom suites to spacious four-bedroom villas. Guests can choose to stay in rooms hovering over calm blue ocean waters or villas perfectly poised along sandy strips of beach.

Activities and Wellness Programs

During your stay at Joali Being, youll have the opportunity to participate in five distinct programs:

  • Energy
  • Skin
  • Mind
  • Weight Rebalance
  • Joali Being Discovery

Each of these programs features unique activities. The number of activities youll have the chance to explore depends on the length of your stay. Naturally, the longer your stay, the more experiences you can enjoy.


Everyday life can be hectic and draining. Getting your energy levels back to their optimal state isnt always easy. But when you choose the Energy program, youll get the chance to enjoy guided exercise sessions and energy-balancing activities. 

By the time youre ready to return home, you might feel ready to take on the world!


Your skin health is often associated with your overall health. For that reason, its essential to pamper your outside while also healing your inside! The Skin program is perfectly designed to do just that.

Guests participating in the Skin program will enjoy spa treatments, massages, and culinary guidance. Looking to get your glow back? Be sure to check out these activities.


Mental stress is a common issue, and its one that can be challenging to treat. But the Mind program is designed to teach you new ways of coping with this stress, reconnecting with yourself, and appreciating every moment.

Meditation and mindfulness are the cornerstones of this program. When you choose the Mind program, you can relax your mind and find inner peace.

Weight Rebalance

Maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial part of improving your overall health and body image. But everyday life can be stressful, making it challenging to prepare healthy meals and exercise regularly.

The Weight Rebalance program is designed to help guests refocus on their weight loss goals via conscious cooking classes and guided movement sessions. Youll learn tools that you can take with you when you return home, all while enjoying the support of caring staff and educators.

Joali Being Discovery

Those looking for a tailor-made experience will want to choose the Joali Being Discovery program. This option features a combination of other program activities, each one handpicked to suit your needs and preferences. 

If youre planning on booking a short stay (one week or less), you may want to select this curated program. However, those preparing for a multi-week stay can also opt for the Joali Being Discovery program to enjoy a targeted approach at wellness.

Dining Options

In addition to in-room coffee and tea appliances and mini-bars, guests at Joali Being can enjoy two heavenly dining areas: Mojo and FLOW. Both of these establishments serve fresh farm-to-table meals designed to boost your health while satisfying your tastebuds.

If youre looking to dine near the comfort of cool pool waters, youll want to explore Mojo. However, the stunning ivory tables and accents found in the FLOW area are also an ideal place to enjoy your meals.  

Do you have dietary restrictions? Dont fret! Joali Being offers vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian meal options.

Reasons to Visit Joali Being

If youre unsure whether Joali Being Wellness Resort might be a suitable destination for your upcoming time off, be sure to consider the benefits of enjoying a stay here. For example, when you visit Joali Being, youll experience:

  • Comprehensive healing and reflection
  • Unique wellness activities
  • Beautiful tropical surroundings

Each of these advantageous experiences can uplift your spirit and help you reconnect with nature. 

Comprehensive Healing and Reflection

Some wellness resorts focus on particular areas of improvement: Mind, body, or spirit. But Joali Being targets the four pillars of health and wellness: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and sleep. 

If youve been searching for a comprehensive approach to wellness, youll appreciate this diverse and considerate approach. 

Unique Wellness Activities

Maldives wellness resorts typically feature a variety of treatments and programs designed to help guests recover from their stressful lives. However, the wellness activities at the Joali Being resort are unlike anything else youll find in the Maldives.

Firstly, Joali Being is one of the only Maldive resorts that cater your treatments and activities to your precise needs. This type of personalized care is an excellent way to ensure that your experience is memorable and effective.

Secondly, the experiences youll discover at Joali Being are diverse. You can enjoy meditation classes, mindful movement classes, rejuvenating spa treatments, massages, and culinary classes. And these are only a handful of the activities Joali Being offers.

Beautiful Tropical Surroundings

The Maldives is infamous for being one of the most serene tropical destinations in the world. While millions of tourists visit the Bahamas each year, Maldives Islands are far more secluded and exclusive.

The result is a paradise thats virtually untouched and beautifully unspoiled. When you visit Joali Being, youll be surrounded by crystal-clear, blue-tinged waters, colorful coral reefs, and white sand beaches.

On sunny days, its hard to tell where the sky ends, and the ocean begins! Finding a more tranquil, relaxing, and enchanting destination is challenging.

Unique Offers and Discounts

You dont need to be a multi-millionaire to experience the thrill of Maldives luxury resorts. Zeldiva Luxury offers some of the most competitive special offers and discounts on one-of-a-kind Maldives experiences. When you book with Zeldiva Luxury, you can save 20% or more on your Maldives villa, suite, or cabin.

Those kinds of savings are rare, so be sure to take advantage of current specials as soon as possible. Notably, discounts vary by resort and are constantly changing. Acting now is the best way to secure the best price on your upcoming Maldives holiday.

Visit Relaxing Maldives Resorts

Joali Being is just one of the dozens of Maldives luxury resorts. So if youd prefer to spend your time away from home scuba-diving, windsurfing, partying, or spending time with your little ones, be sure to consider the premium and leisure resorts found throughout these tropical islands. 

Unsure where to start? You can browse the Zeldiva Luxury Resorts Collection to discover the best and most luxurious options! No matter your preferences, youre bound to find a destination that suits your style.

Enjoy Luxurious Maldives Experiences

Wellness resorts arent the only Maldives experiences available. If youre looking to soak up the natural beauty and excitement of these islands, be sure to consider booking a stay for your:

  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • Christmas holiday
  • New Years celebrations
  • Family vacation
  • Summer holiday

Each experience is bound to offer something new! Remember, Maldives Islands are known for their natural beauty and luxurious accommodations.

Whether youre planning a romantic getaway or hoping to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these unforgettable Maldives experiences can make your dreams come true.

Not sure which activities might suit your needs and preferences? Let Zeldiva Luxury be your concierge and open your eyes to the wonders of these tropical islands!

New Wellness Resort in Maldives

Joali Being is a new wellness resort in Maldives that can help reconnect with nature. While visiting Joali Being, you can enjoy a wide variety of rejuvenating programs that are tailored to meet your precise needs.

Youre bound to feel revitalized by the end of your stay, in no small part due to the gorgeous accommodations and environment. So, if youve been looking for an unforgettable wellness retreat, book a stay at Joali Being Resort Maldives today.

Do you have additional questions about booking a wellness retreat in Maldives? If so, dont hesitate to contact us today for more information!

A Look Inside Joali Being: The New Holistic Wellness Retreat in the Maldives